Banda music was the gift that the Germans left to Sinaloa


They brought with them music and fashionable dances such as the Chotís, the Polka, the Redova, the Marzukas and the Waltz.

MAZATLAN. – The Germans not only left their mark on the port in the commercial field, but also in the cultural sphere, bringing with them their music, which would end up transforming into the Sinaloan bands we know today.

It is not a lie that the history of the Sinaloan band has a precedent in the European militarized bands that arrived in the region in the 19th century, and that began to become popular with the importation of musical instruments from the old continent.

They brought with them the music and dances that were in fashion at that time in central Europe, the Chotís, the Polka, the Redova, the Marzukas and the Waltz.

This European influence really defined a Mexican musical style from the 19th century, with the importation of wind instruments and percussion that originated a new style, the one we like to listen to so much.

In her research and book written by the Swiss ethnomusicologist, Helena Simonett, “In Sinaloa I was born”, when Mazatlán and Culiacán became cities with garrisons, in the mid-nineteenth century, these military centers had a band that was the example they imitated some settlers, were formed in the image and likeness of the European bands, especially the German ones.

There are records that these groups created by locals played in kiosks, churches and small squares. The furor and acceptance were so great that German merchants from Mazatlan began to promote the musical items that they offered in their stores, and among them were the musical instruments that they sold with payment facilities, making their acquisition accessible to the people. Even those peasants who had a talent for an instrument would end up dedicating themselves to music.

A new melody rises.

It was culturally established at the end of the 19th century in the state of Sinaloa and later in the rest of the Mexican Pacific region and the rest of the country.

It differs from the other regional Mexican music groups due to its characteristic organology and the number of members, aspects that are preserved, according to the historical records and the cultural elements of the area. It must be considered that a norteño is different and this can be seen in the number of members and musical instruments with which they work.

The most famous bands in Sinaloa

The Recodo

It is the band with the longest history, formed by Don Cruz Lizárraga, in 1938 in El Recodo, Sinaloa. Considered as the pioneer in the musical genre, it has more than 80 years of trajectory with more than 60 albums.

MS band

It is one of the groups that has been most talked about in recent days, thanks to the incredible collaboration that its members made with the American rapper Snoop Dogg. The band originated in 2003 in the port of Mazatlán. Among his greatest hits are “No Podrás” “Mi Mayor Anhelo”, “A lo mejor” and “Mi Olvido”.

Band the Recoditos.

It was founded in 1989 and the name was chosen by Cruz Lizárraga himself. His first recording was the song “A bailar de caballito”. Today they have 30 years of trajectory and like its predecessor band, the lineup of its members has been changing over time.

Carnaval Band

Founded by Jesús Tirado Castañeda in 2001, its name refers to the international carnival that takes place in the city of Mazatlán, Sinaloa, where its members originate. Their first debut album was released the same year they were formed under the name “Entre Suspiro Y Suspiro”. The fame of Banda Carnaval grew years after the start of his career, with his single at the end of 2008.

Source: Punto