Yes to visibility and no to discrimination! Trans collective marches in Mazatlán


MAZATLAN. – Non-discrimination, a life free of violence, the right to work and to form a family, were the main reasons why the Mazatlán trans collective marched this afternoon.

The march was carried out along the Mazatlán boardwalk within the framework of the International Day of Trans Visibility that is celebrated every March 31. The meeting point was at the monument to Lola Beltrán to march along the entire boardwalk and end on Quirino Ordaz Coppel avenue.

“The only thing we demand is that they make us assert our rights such as having the right to an education, to decent treatment, to health, but above all to have non-discriminatory treatment.”

The activist regretted that cases of discrimination continue to be registered and more when these attacks come from other women. This is because there have been cases of discrimination within bathrooms in some clubs in Mazatlán.

“Unfortunately for many women there is no validity towards their group, as they will never see us as women and that is a reason for discrimination.”

She also mentioned that this event is held to be able to represent the entire group that fights for their rights, in addition to inviting the new generations to be informed and respectful.

During the march, the members of the group carried the flags with insignia of the movement with the colors blue, pink and white. Blue refers to the masculine gender, pink to the feminine, and white reflects people transitioning from one gender to another.

Once they finished on Quirino Ordaz Coppel avenue, a small stage was set up, and the members of the community took the microphone to perform Transvestite acts.