Chess pieces are installed at the pedestrian crossing of Paseo Niños Héroes and Morelos in Culiacán


Culiacán, Sinaloa. – In order to encourage Culiacan society to respect pedestrians and improve mobility in the city, the City Council is installing chess pieces at the Paseo Niños Héroes and José María Morelos pedestrian crossing.

This Tuesday afternoon, the Ministry of Public Works and Services began with the placement of king and queen, and two Horses, figures made with quarry material that will give a special touch to this pass of Culiacan.

The head of the agency, Arlette Díaz León, was present at the project to supervise the work, who she said, “will come to give life and beautify to the most strategic points of Culiacán.”

In addition to this, a lighting network was installed, an action that will highlight the game pieces, turning the “Old Malecón” into a tourist attraction, not only for visitors but for the capital’s own residents.

Díaz León stated that it is intended to replicate the work in different parts of the municipality, to make safe steps iconic spaces that generate a positive impact on the urban image of the city.

Source: Café Negro