No more noise pollution! There will be an anti-noise operation during Easter


Ecology will work on an anti-auditory pollution operation; Oficialía Mayor will soon reveal the regulations with which they will work the next vacation period

MAZATLAN. – Easter is coming, and this only means more partying and fun for locals and tourists who visit Mazatlán, but it also means that there will be rules and surveillance so that everything runs smoothly and in order.

Eunice Murúa Figueroa, director of Ecology, said that during this holiday season a surveillance operation will be carried out, above all, so that tourist transport, bars, clubs, and restaurants do not exceed the limits of the decibels allowed.

She explained that the environmental regulation indicates that from 11 in the morning to 10 at night is the time to have music and it must not exceed 65 decibels, and after 10, the decibels cannot be above 60, otherwise they could close the business.

The latter will depend on how many fines the place in question has.

The operation will be carried out randomly, inspectors will bring specialized equipment and tests will be carried out right there to measure whether the place exceeds the sound levels.

“We have been closing to many businesses, but if you prefer, there are sound engineers who can help you equalize your music, this will help you because the music can be loud, but it won’t hurt your ears, it won’t pollute.”

Work on the regulations

For her part, the Senior Officer, Berenice Oleta Benítez, pointed out that they are working on the creation of the regulation that will dictate the rules to be followed during Holy Week.

This regulation is not yet defined, but it involves the closing hours of nightclubs and bars, which will be allowed to musical groups that work in the beach area, which cannot be done on public roads, as well as the different operations that will be carried out by the Mayor’s Office.

In the case of musical groups, the past administration gave permission to work on the beach only until 8:00 p.m.

“They are operating rules, we are already reviewing them, checking which ones we will continue and which ones are not. The intention is to work hand in hand with hoteliers, nightclubs, beach vendors and restaurateurs to work together”.