AMPI Mazatlán opens new board of directors


Pedro Ismael Tirado assumes the presidency of the Board of Directors of AMPI; undertakes to promote the activity so that the sustained growth of the sector continues.

MAZATLÁN.- With the aim of improving the real estate outlook and adding all efforts to solve the problems currently facing the sector, this Friday morning, Pedro Ismael Tirado Robles took the oath as the new president of the Mexican Association of Real Estate Professionals A.C. for the period 2023-2024.

Tirado Robles promised to continue pushing and promoting regulation through the recent approval of the Real Estate Law, with the purpose that ethics continue to be replicated in each professional who dedicates himself to this work.

He commented that the main axis of his management at the head of AMPI Mazatlán is to carry out training and seek that all local real estate agents can join the organization to work together.

“All this is to take care of the growth that we are already visualizing. I know that, with good will, working together in synergy with the authorities, developers, and real estate professionals, we will be able to continue maintaining the sustained growth that investment has,” he said.

In the same way, Tirado Robles asked the government of Mazatlán to support IMPLAN, and to improve the distribution of the service, as well as to update all the distribution policies in development, with the sole purpose of making its functionality more efficient and creating plans that highlight the rural area.

At the protest ceremony of the new board of directors of AMPI Mazatlán, the deputy Feliciano Castro Meléndrez attended; the substitute mayor, Édgar Augusto González Zataráin; the president of National AMPI, Ignacio Lacunza Magaña; Roberto Arellano, outgoing president, as well as various authorities, developers, and special guests.

This is how the Board of Directors 2023-2024 remained

-Pedro Ismael Tirado Robles, president AMPI Mazatlan Section

-Luciano Carrasco, Vice President AMPI Mazatlan Section

-Ana Hernandez, treasurer

-Óscar Tirado, Secretary and Vice President of Institutional Relations

-Lizette Blancarte, Vice President of Communication

-Martín Piña, Vice President of Training

-Katiuzka Gallardo, Vice President of Membership and Expansion

-Óscar Carreón, Vice President of Innovation and Technology

-Judith Ornelas, Vice President of Events

-Luis Peraza, Vice President of Administration

-Alfredo Reynaga, Vice President of Honor and Justice

-Sadot Hernández, Vice President of Business and Development

-Jonathan León, Vice President of Marketing

-Rosy Ceballos, Vice President of Membership Benefits

-Javier Manzanarez, Vice President of Legal Affairs

To know

During the event, it was announced that from October 11 to 13, the AMPI 2023 National Convention will take place in Mazatlan, based at the Convention Center, where an economic benefit of 30 million pesos is estimated and an attendance of 6,000 associates, among them, the thousand 500 union members in Mazatlán.

In Mazatlán there are more than 300 developers who are registered with the AMPI.