After the Mazatlán Carnival 2023, authorities carry out cleaning actions on beaches


The director of the Beach Operator and Administrator assured that they daily carry the message of awareness to the people who arrive at the bathing areas.

The Operator and Administrator of Mazatlán Beaches is preparing for the following periods of a great influx of tourists in the city, such as Carnival and Holy Week, for which reason cleaning days are carried out daily by the auxiliaries.

The director of the OAP, Luis Fernando Ortiz Genis, stated that although in 2022 an average of 20 tons of garbage was collected, of which 12 were in cleaning campaigns and the rest as a consequence of the scourge of natural phenomena, through awareness is intended to reduce the amount of waste collected daily, among which stands out the high presence of plastic, glass, Styrofoam and cigarette butts, among other waste.

The days have been extended to other beach areas within the municipality that were rarely attended to, but that have a large number of bathers continuously, such as Playa Brujas, Punta Cerritos, and Playa el Delfín.

The director of the Operator and Administrator of Playas Mazatlán added that the days will continue with cleaning, even on Sundays, trying to cover more beaches in the municipality.

Source: OEM

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