Reform to the Anti-Tobacco Law enters into force in Mexico, and in Mazatlán 3,000 cigarette butts were remove from the beach area


Mazatlán, Sin.– As of this Sunday, January 15, the most updated regulation of the General Tobacco Law in Mexico has entered into force, which was published in the Official Gazette of the Federation and which includes a series of sites where No smoking is allowed, including the beaches.

In Mazatlán, the reform of the Law does not seem to be on the radar yet of locals, tourists and especially bathers who come to the coastal strip, proof of this is the finding made by the civil association MazConCiencia.

The organization removed cigarette butts, the 25 deposits that they have placed as altruistic work along the Malecón, specifically on Paseo Clausen and Olas Altas, resulted in 3,000 cigarette butts collected.

In this activity, in which eight more cigarette butt holders were also placed, Sofía Trejo Lemus, the driving biologist of MazConCiencia, the diver, Ignacio Zatarain, the Councilor María Esther Juárez Nelson, who is also a member of the association, as well as volunteers, had the good news with the fact that at least these butts retained in the containers did not contaminate the ocean, this is the first step on a long road that Mazatlan still has to travel in caring for the environment.

The new regulation of the General Tobacco Law in Mexico prohibits smoking in the following public spaces:

-Public transport



-Work centers





-Commercial Plazas

-Hospitals or health care sites

-Restaurant terraces

-Public transport stops

-Churches or ceremonial centers

In places like Mexico City, fines of up to 3,000 pesos are contemplated for those who disobey the new guidelines.

Source: Los Noticieristas