Jumapam implements an environmental mitigation plan in Mazatlán


Since last Saturday, wastewater discharges have been recorded in Estero del Yugo due to failures in the Cerritos culvert, which caused the death of thousands of fish

Culiacán, Sin.- On Monday, Jumapam launched an environmental mitigation plan to address the wastewater spills that have affected the Estero del Yugo, located north of the city since the weekend.

Through a press release, the City reported that the incidental dumping of wastewater towards the mouth of this body of water that has an outlet to the sea, was generated by a stoppage of operations at Culvert of Cerritos.

It was mentioned that the culvert was clogged due to the accumulation of garbage. The personnel removed several kilos of garbage from the pump by hand, predominantly waste from personal hygiene products, such as wet wipes, condoms, sanitary napkins, diapers, and face masks, among others made of textile and plastic material.

Sanitation Department personnel carried out the bioremediation in the aquatic ecosystem, with chemical and biological products to increase dissolved oxygen in the water and reduce organic matter, while the natural exchange of the body of water is carried out, with 40 kilos of releaser of oxygen and 40 liters of biodigester BDM-50.

Last Saturday there was an incidental discharge of wastewater into the Estero del Yugo due to the fact that one of the three pumps from the Culvert of Cerritos clogged with the solid waste that arrives in the drainage flow.

The re-pumping stopped its operation during the period of the extraction, cleaning, and reinstallation of the equipment.

That same day, the website specialized in environmental journalism Son Playas, documented the death of thousands of fish that appeared on the shores of the mouth of the Yugo estuary, mostly Lisas and tarpon was due to these polluting discharges.

Source: El Sol de Mazatlan