Gran Acuario Mazatlán opens in March, check the details


Rafael Lizárraga Favela, executive director of the project, pointed out that they are 94 percent complete and only need to do tests in 3 fish tanks

MAZATLAN. – The Gran Acuario Mazatlán, whose enclosure will be one of the 10 most impressive in the world and the most spectacular in all Latin America, already has an opening date, in March 2023.

With 94 percent progress, the executive director of the project, Rafael Lizárraga Favela, said that the work is almost ready and that the only thing left is painting details, gardening work and tests in the fish tank area. to finally fill them with seawater.

The aquarium has a capacity for 5 million liters of water and was built on an area of 9,905 square meters of land.

The official grand opening for the general population will be in March.

“A period of invitation to groups is contemplated, but only to show it, the opening day will be completely for the entire public.”

The investment for the construction of the work was in charge of the state and federal government, through the Ministry of Tourism, Sectur, and with private investment; The official investment was contemplated at 1.2 billion pesos, but as a result of the pandemic and inflation it ended at 1.9 billion pesos.

The aquarium will house representative marine flora and fauna from Sinaloa, in addition, it will include other marine ecosystems different from that of Mexico and the study species will be those related to the Sea of Cortez.

There is interest in Penguin

Lizárraga Favela acknowledged that there is interest on the part of the administration of the Gran Acuario Mazatlán to make an agreement to manage the Penguin Facility that belongs to the old Mazatlán Aquarium or transfer some species of fish tanks to the new facility.

“There have been talks about it, these are topics that we have touched when we met with them and we are working for the benefit or for what is best for the species, of course the integration of some of the exhibits that the current aquarium has is viable”.

Substitute mayor, Édgar González Zataráin exposed his interest in the new aquarium considering the Penguin Aquarium and the Sea Lion show among its attractions.