Tourists tour the center of Mazatlán prior to the celebration of Noche Buena


Visitors flooded the shops and streets of the first square of the port.

Mazatlán, Sinaloa.- The center of Mazatlán looked full of tourists who were walking, buying gifts and different Christmas decorations to decorate their place of lodging, as they point out that they do not want to spend Christmas unnoticed even when they are far from their homeland.

With people from other states visiting different parts of the city center, buying gifts for tonight, clothes, piñatas, this is how many visitors are spending their visit to the port of Mazatlán during the Christmas Eve and Christmas festivities.

A whole family that visits the pearl of the Pacific from Toluca, State of Mexico, assures that they will try to have a good Christmas in their place of lodging, since they comment that dinner, piñatas and gifts are already ready.

Piñatas, sweets and clothes from the Christmas season have aroused the attention of the tourism that arrived at the port. Photo: Efren Palacios | The Sun of Mazatlan

“We come to buy a piñata and sweets, and also gifts, we are not from here, but we come with the desire to have a beautiful Christmas, there are 5 of us who come, my wife, my children, and my sister, everything is to spend a beautiful Christmas, and what better than in the port, where the atmosphere and Christmas vibe is very beautiful,” said Arturo Torres, a tourist who spends the holidays in Mazatlan.

A typical sweets merchant from the interior of the Pino Suárez market, affirms that the tourist flow during the morning and afternoon of December 24 has been very good, and apart from the Mazatlecos many visitors have come to his shops.

Families from other entities arrived in Mazatlán with the plan to enjoy a different Christmas. Photo: Efren Palacios | The Sun of Mazatlan

“Many visitors have come here to our stand, they usually come here to buy typical sweets, such as jamoncillos, cocadas, cajeta, guayabate, walnut, soft, they come in droves during the day and part of the afternoon today, the flow has It’s been a lot and it’s been busy,” said Alberto, a candy vendor from the José Maria Pino Suárez market.