Street stalls invade streets and sidewalks in the Center of Mazatlán


The president of Canaco Mazatlán announced that he will seek with the city council that an order be given and will manage to expand.

Mazatlán, Sinaloa.- Given the increase in stalls of different products in the first square of Mazatlán, organized merchants will seek with the municipal authorities for an order.

The president of the Mazatlán Chamber of Commerce stated that, during high sales seasons, a large number of street stalls are installed, mainly on Aquiles Serdán street.

He commented that during a tour carried out in the first square of the city, it was observed that the street stalls have been located on the sidewalks, which implies that they block consumers from accessing duly established businesses.

“We are interested in the street vendors that are taking place on the main street at the entrance to the center, which is Aquiles Serdá , where the left side could be expanded as a parking lot so that established merchants who generate jobs and pay taxes could attract a little more customers he said.

Lem González pointed out that other stalls were placed at street level, almost next to the pedestrian strip.

parking spaces

He added that more parking spaces are also needed to be released in the commercial area of ​​downtown Mazatlán.

Given this, the leader of the merchants, assured that he would seek before the City Council to make this idea possible that would benefit consumers who have stopped going to the Center due to the lack of parking.

“At some point, some downtown parking areas were released, but we are seeing that there could be other areas where there are wide streets where parking could be provided, on both sides of the streets without harming the traffic flow and that pedestrians are not in danger ” he expressed.

He stressed that Canaco Servytur Mazatlán will seek to be a conciliator between the City Council and the street vendors so that no one is affected by the fact of having an economic livelihood for their families.