Goodbye Central Park? Mazatlan seeks to return the essence of Bosque de la Ciudad


The new mayor pointed out that within the improvements it is contemplated to allow the entry of pets and food.

MAZATLAN. – One of the Christmas gifts that Mayor Edgar Augusto González Zataráin will give to the citizens will be the return of the essence of the old City Forest to Central Park.

He expressed that there is nothing wrong with this recreational space and it is even one of the favorite places of the population, but it lacks many adequate spaces so that families can enjoy themselves in a better way.

What is contemplated is to open areas inside the park where they can place dining rooms so that people can live in a family environment, of course, always governed by a series of rules.

“There is a lot to be done in this park, there is a great project that seeks to remember what the old forest of the City was with rules, with order, because the truth is not used, many Mazatleco do not come because they say they are alone, that there is nowhere to sit, there are not enough games for the children”.

One of the current rules is that you are not allowed to enter with food or pets, conditions that have bothered and limited access to citizens who seek to walk their loins or have a picnic.

Now with this change, the municipal president pointed out that these rules may already be eliminated, yes, as long as the conditions are respected to be able to enter in case you take your puppy or introduce some food.

“Pets, we are going to release that part, I tell you, we are going to do it with rules, we are not going to turn it into what it was before, a park because even there people even put alcohol in, we are not going to go to the extreme either, but it will be something nice, something where you will be able to enter why not food, but you are going to take your garbage and we are going to move on to that stage ”.

Starting with the changes, a new children’s play area was inaugurated today, this type of space will be found throughout the park.

Photos: Karyna Sanchez