Drainage, garbage collection, and landfill will be the priorities of 2023 in Mazatlán


The Municipal Development Plan was modified to include strategic projects.

MAZATLAN. – There is a week left until the end of 2022, but Mayor Edgar Augusto González Zataráin already has New Year’s resolutions for Mazatlán and these will be to prioritize the drainage and sewage service, improve garbage collection and have better roads.

The municipality has a restoration project for 11 pumping stations, which they will look for in conjunction with the state, because the investment that has been planned to be allocated is 70 million pesos, a resource apart from the other investments that have been made. planned to work during 2023.

“The issue of replacing the re-pumping and sewerage stations, there are 11 that must be put there, resources combined between the state government and the municipality, urgently, and the other issue is to quickly put the garbage.”

Another project that is on the list is to continue the remodeling of Avenida Delfín, whose investment is around 130 to 140 million pesos, so the question of working within the budget will be the golden rule.

The municipal president pointed out that they modified the Municipal Development Plan to include strategic projects and thus have a comprehensive development program for Mazatlan.

Soon they will announce what changes and what modifications were made.

“Why strategic projects not only have to do with tourism development but also with the integral development of the city, so there we made some modifications, some changes that we will later make known to you and that will go through the Cabildo to make it transparent” .

Regarding the trucks, the mayor indicated that next week they begin with the launch of the bidding rules for the garbage collection units, they hope that this process will end on January 16, 2023.

Source: ounto,mx