Leave BTC, Try These 5 Cryptos To Generate 100x Profits


Fresh Crypto projects keep on arriving in the Crypto space, but Bitcoin seems to maintain its position quite well. It is the influential and top-performing Crypto in the industry. There are very few digital currencies that can take BTC’s position. But now, you can think about investing in other Cryptocurrencies that are capable of generating 100X gains!  You can invest in Dogecoin or any other crypto on thenewsspy.technology the best trading platform. It is a secure Crypto trading platform, trusted by countless investors.

Apart from Bitcoin, you can try investing in these fresh Crypto options as these coins offer higher returns. In the coming years, Crypto has a high chance of replacing BTC and offering you 10X gains. These are affordable and reliable as well.

Top 5 Crypto To Include In Your List

It is time now to keep BTC aside and try some of these affordable options. Though these are not under any regulation, Cryptocurrencies can assure you of safety and are less prone to fraud.

These coins are-


One of the best-known Crypto in the market in recent times, it has high growth potential. This meme coin is attracting attention from investors worldwide due to different reasons.

Though the coin was launched without any serious intentions, it is now holding a strong position in the market. Credit goes to Elon Musk’s tweet for this coin. After that tweet, investors are opting for this coin. Also, Elon announced that he will add Crypto as an in-built payment option on Twitter. With this, the value of Dogecoin increased as well. This is one of the top options that you can add to your investment list.


This Crypto is built by the Tron foundation which was launched back in 2017. It is present in the decentralized form and is affordable too. Despite being affordable, it is now available at heavy discounts. Also, experts are assuming that the price of this coin will rise to around 4 USD by 2030.

With a positive growth rate in the prices, this coin is a tough competition in the market. To earn some good amount of profits, but these tokens today at much lower rates. Also, TRON is among the decent options for long-term investments.

Binance Coin:

Binance is among the huge Crypto exchanges in the market and Binance Coin is their token. Both their performances in the Crypto industry are interlinked. The BNB token has the chance of crossing 610 USD by 2030!

This fact makes it among the top 5 list of Crypto that you should buy for earning high profits.


This coin is a fresh release and is from the Utopia P2P network. This project has almost every feature in it and is ready to use. It consists of different tools for browsing, chatting, and others which are loved by users around the globe.

Also, this token assures its users of safety and does not display any data related to transactions. CRP uses PoS protocol for rewards too, which makes it an efficient token. Though it is not popular yet, the basic features of CRP reflect its growth potential. Buying this coin can prove to be a good investment decision later!


This Token has high sustainability because it uses the PoS mechanism. As it is a third gen Crypto, Cardano has the best features of the previous ones like that of BTC and ETH! It has a high growth potential too and stands in the list of top Altcoins.

Along with sustainable features and the latest technologies, this is becoming one of the new favorites for many developers. This project is developed by experts after proper research that ensures the best experience for investors.


For earning higher returns in the present context, you cannot rely on Bitcoin alone! There are other coins in the market now that you can trust and give a chance. These are compatible with the present scenario and you can add them to your portfolio. All these coins possess growth potential and assurance of higher returns.

Apart from these, you need to consider certain other aspects as well. These may be what are your investment goals and aims. Also, you should have proper knowledge and understanding before turning into any investment decision.

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