Mazatlan musicians will be in high demand during posadas


Before beginning the closing of the year, the musicians already have 80 percent reservations, thanks to the inns

MAZATLAN. – After having gone through a period with restrictions due to the Covid-19 pandemic, the musicians will be 100 percent in demand, so hurry up because you may not find a field on their agendas.

The general secretary of the Musicians Union of Mazatlán, Marco Antonio Gordoa Obeso, commented that the entire musical union is motivated by the start of the popular posadas, and the Christmas Eve and New Year festivities, where they already have up to 80 percent of reservations.

He expressed that this season there will be no restrictions due to the pandemic that, although it continues in force, the cases have decreased and also the mortality rate.

“Yeah, now yes, the bands look forward to these days that come with the festivities because without a doubt the increase in work is much more noticeable than other versatile groups, right now they are easily at 80 percent more or less, but it is estimated reach 100 percent in work,” said Gordoa Obeso.  

The leader of the band in Mazatlán pointed out that it will undoubtedly be a much better year in all aspects for the musicians and it has already begun to be reflected.

He added that currently the Musicians Union in Mazatlán has more than 250 members, although they also support those who do not belong to them with the request for permits to play in beach areas, extended hours and access to benefits. 

How much does it cost to ‘pull’ the band for an hour?

According to a musician interviewed by Punto MX, the one-hour presentation costs around 4,000 pesos.