Playa Pinitos is one step away from losing its certification


The director of the Beach Operator and Administrator explains that they have at least three months to work on their maintenance, since the recertification will take place between February and March 2023.

MAZATLAN. – Playa Pinitos is about to lose its platinum certification and we are all responsible…we are all.  

The director of the Operator and Administrator of Beaches in Mazatlán, Luis Fernando Ortiz, explained that there are standards established by the Mexican Institute for Standardization and Certification that are not being met, especially the issue of cleaning. 

“We have not lost it yet, if the established standards are not complied with, there would be the possibility of it being lost… The beach’s capacity is exceeded, there is not much space between vendors and users,” he declared.  

The paramunicipal director pointed out that, due to the hurricane season, they had to remove the signage, however, they are already working on new ones that will soon be installed, as well as new trash cans and resistant ones.  

Mexican Institute for Standardization and Certification certifies as Platinum beach all the beaches that can improve and strengthen the environmental conditions of their surroundings with the support of the private initiative, government and individuals to obtain high standards of quality and sustainability. 

What is sought with the certification? 

This type of certification seeks to bring resources from the private initiative to the Mexican beaches; involve citizens in the environmental sustainability of the beach and responsible use of resources; promote sustainable and responsible tourism; as well as the maintenance of the area.  

Another problem, he said, is the use of the beach, for example, among food vendors, the use of oil in hot food, since this input does affect the beach, as well as the lack of waste separation.  

And the merchants? 

Luis Fernando Ortiz pointed out that they are in the idea of ​​maintaining the certification, however, it is a shared responsibility, to maintain it, to protect it and to avoid further damage from problems that have not been able to be solved.  

“They want to keep it, the certification, but we also invite them to help us keep the beach clean and to maintain the aspects that the certification covers, such as cleaning the beaches, taking care of the garbage cans, separating waste,” said.  

The next recertification of beaches, he commented, is scheduled for the first quarter of 2023, that is, the IMNC would be visiting Mazatlán between February and March, therefore, in advance, to make up for things.  

“The other beaches are doing well,” says the OAP 

The director of the paramunicipal indicated that the rest of the certified beaches are fine, they are even close to receiving the flag of Playa Gaviotas, Verde Camacho and, later, they will continue with the recertification process of Playa Holiday Inn and Park Inn.