They arrive on time! Two CDMX tourists are saved from drowning on Sábalo Dos beaches; suffered a nervous breakdown


After giving them buoyancy and taking them to the sand, they reported that the people from Mexico City only presented fatigue.

Mazatlán, Sinaloa.- Two tourists from Mexico City were saved in time by elements of the Aquatic Police when they were pulled by a marine current offshore.

According to information from the Municipal Public Security Secretariat, the double rescue in which lifeguards from a Lodging Center participated was recorded on the Sábalo Dos beaches.

An element of the Aquatic Police, who was conducting a tour of that area at that time, realized the risk that the tourists were running, so they were immediately activated because they were already being pulled by a sea current towards the breakwater.

In a matter of minutes, the rescuers reached the place where the two people were at risk, and with the cans they kept the men afloat and then took them to the mainland where they were valued.

The two visitors only presented fatigue and a nervous breakdown, so it was not necessary to request paramedical personnel to attend to them or transfer them to a hospital.

The two people identified themselves as Saúl and Ricardo, 14 and 32 years old respectively, who after receiving a series of recommendations withdrew from the site.


The Mazatlan Post