Timely rescue in Mazatlan! Cries for help alerted the Aquatic Police and save a tourist


From the State of Mexico is the tourist rescued by elements of the Mazatlan Aquatic Police in Playa Gaviotas 2

Mazatlán, Sin.- A timely intervention was carried out this morning by elements of the Mazatlán Aquatic Police in the area of ​​Playas Gaviotas 2, who managed to save a woman who was being dragged by a sea current, and in her desperation, she asked for help from the people who they were close.

Her screams also alerted the municipal agents and lifeguards from the nearby hotel, who in a coordinated manner activated the rescue protocol and jumped into the sea to support the bather.

A civilian who heard the cries for help was the first to make contact with the female, and almost immediately the municipal and private lifeguards did, who managed to give her buoyancy.

Moments later, another agent joined a jetsky, in which the woman was finally taken to the sand area, where she was assessed.

The lifeguards determined that he was only physically tired, so his transfer to the hospital was not necessary.

Once out of danger, she identified herself as Reyna, 54, originally from the State of Mexico, who was able to leave the place safe and sound.

The Mazatlan Post