Carnival 2023 will represent 125 years of its history


Raúl Rico González indicated that the maximum Buenos Aires party will be given a twist in its presentation.

MAZATLÁN.- The International Carnival of Mazatlán 2023 “Deja vu, Dreams of a Carnival”, will have a different twist, as reported by Raúl Rico González, director of the Institute of Culture.  

This change will be due to the fact that the maximum Mazatlan party will celebrate its 125th anniversary, a reason that they will take advantage of to try to do something different from what has been presented previously.  

The fact that there are only 4 months left will not be an impediment, they will have to carry out the Carnival.  

“It has to be a very nice Carnival, with forced marches, but we are going to take it out, we are going to give it a twist, we are even going to respect the idea of ​​​​Deja vu, but we are going to give a twist to the sequence that is behind of 125 years, then it will be a Déja vu at 125 years of Carnival”.  

Rico González expressed that they will pay homage to important personalities and generations that belong to and that in some way have shaped the history of this important festival.   

He indicated that the instruction that he has from the mayor and the governor of the State, is to make a decent Carnival, since it has great weight in the economic spillover of the State, and puts Mazatlan before the eyes of the world. 

“That is the indication that we have, we know that very little is missing, but the authorities entrusted us with the Carnival because they know what it represents in terms of economic benefits for the port.”  

He announced that his team will be rejoined by Francisco Igartúa, creator of Carrozas Reales, who formally began his work at the port’s biggest party in 1983, and four years later, under the direction of Raúl Rico, had the opportunity to participate in the first edition Carnival created under a marketing campaign that sought to give another face to the picturesque celebration.

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