With a new manager, JUMAPAM promises to solve all problems


José Manuel Tostado Hernández swore in as the new General Manager of the Mazatlán Municipal Water and Sewerage Board

MAZATLAN. – Are the changes over yet? After concluding his first formal week as substitute mayor, Édgar Augusto González Zataráin sworn in José Manuel Tostado Hernández as the new General Manager of the Municipal Water and Sewerage Board of Mazatlán, JUMAPAM, after receiving the resignation of Osbaldo López Angle.

This appointment was one of the most important for the municipal president since what is sought is that better attention and service be provided to the calls made by the citizens regarding the water supply and the sanitary infrastructure.

Tostado Hernández, new manager of the Paramunicipal, indicated that the main function will be to optimally and quickly solve all the problems that may arise, as well as attack clean water and sewage leaks that occur in the port.

“Thank you very much for the trust, we are going to put all our capacity, believe me that we are going to put all our effort and professionalism in the functions that we are going to perform,” said Tostado Hernández.

For his part, Osbaldo López Ángulo, who was in charge of the paramunicipal for a year, expressed his direct support to the new official to make him feel that he is not alone and that better things are achieved by working as a team.

“I’m leaving very happy, it was an honor to be at the head of JUMAPAM and all the support that our friend José Manuel requires so that he can better carry out his work here. I am very grateful for the opportunity.”

This change represents one of the last, there are still some departments such as Ecology and Public Works that are under review.