DIF Mazatlan maintains free glasses delivery campaign


The paramunicipal joins efforts with the Municipal Government and Oftavisión Clinic to serve those who most need it.

Mazatlán, Sinaloa.- At least 60 older adults will be able to see better thanks to the campaign maintained by the Municipal DIF System, in coordination with the Government headed by Mayor Édgar González Zatarain and the Oftavisión clinic.

María Teresa Apodaca, president of the paramunicipal, commented that the DIF Mazatlán is working hand in hand with the City Council to serve those who most need it and thus contribute their “grain of sand” to help improve their quality of life.

“This is what we are for, the resource that comes to us is for you, we are only administrators and your needs will give us the guideline to help you; Trust that my husband and I will be there to support you, ”she expressed.

Doña Ignacia Ortega, one of the beneficiaries, thanked the municipal authorities and those involved in the delivery for their support, because her eyesight is weak, it is difficult for her to identify what is in front of her and she has problems moving around.

According to the management staff of the Oftavisión Clinic, on this occasion 60 glasses were delivered out of a total of 300, which are planned to be given away in the next few days.

The event was held in the meeting room of the building that houses different DIF Mazatlán programs, located on Constitución street in the Centro neighborhood, where the director of the para-municipal, Armida Hernández Lara, and officials from the same also attended.

The Mazatlan Post