The Inn at Mazatlán celebrates its 43rd anniversary


One of the hotels that have been able to adapt to the changes in this sector in the port and, incidentally, contribute to the growth of Mazatlán, without a doubt the Hotel The Inn at Mazatlán, which celebrated 43 years of operating efficiently and uninterruptedly, providing excellent service to achieve the preference of its guests and visitors.

The anniversary celebration began with a religious ceremony led by Jesús Armando Durán Sánchez, vicar of M Basilica Cathedral of the Immaculate Conception, who led the mass in which the hotel workers were present, including the general manager Arturo Richaud and other personalities with their work have raised the name of the hotel.

Fotos: Christian Bernal

Giving a few words to those present, the priest congratulated the hotel staff on their 43rd anniversary, something that is easy to say, but in addition to time, it takes a lot of effort, dedication, and teamwork to walk with the same feeling and offer a profitable product in all aspects.

Durán Sánchez said that this celebration is due to the importance of everyone working with the same effort, as a team and intelligence, to give added value to all the things carried out by each of the hotel’s dependencies, which, together, can make it successful.

At the end of the religious ceremony, everyone went to a convivial breakfast that served to award recognition to the personnel who have worked for 5, 15, 30, and even 37 years in the lodging center.

The general manager of the hotel, Arturo Richaud, thanked everyone for their great dedication over the years and that, with loyalty as a point of balance, success has been achieved, placing them as one of the best in the sector. In Mazatlan.

“We have come out of very, very difficult times, on the issue of the pandemic, there is a lot of competition, many new hotels are coming, but we are going to continue working to keep The Inn at Mazatlan Hotel in people’s preference,” said Arturo Richaud.

Afterward, recognition was given to 70 people who over the years have left a great mark on the hotel and are a fundamental part of its important growth. The work history ranges from 5 to 37 years of seniority.

Awards Ceremony
5 years
Claudia Bastidas Vega
Adela Guzman
Israel Martinez Velasco

10 to 14 years
David Osuna
Karel Pena
Lorraine Ibanez

15 to 32 years
Maria Velazquez
Angel Cesar Camacho (16 years old)
Ofelia Rocha (16 years old)
Agustin Moreno (16 years old)
Almeida Bonifacio (16 years old)
Silvia Salas (16 years old)

33 years
Cecilia Angle
Alfonso Iribe

35 years
Luis Joel Macias

36 years
Pearl Zamudio

37 years
Maria Estrada
Alma Rosa Orozco

39 años

Ignacio Willim

(Photos: Christian Bernal)

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