Meet Diana Ponzo and her art of customizing sneakers


She is the founder of Dp Customs, the place that turns the ordinary into the extraordinary.

MAZATLAN. – Isn’t it cool to wear something that was designed exclusively for you? That is what Dp Customs is dedicated to, a 100 percent Mazatlan company dedicated to customizing sneakers, clothing, and all kinds of accessories, turning the everyday into something extraordinary and original.  

The artist behind this great venture is Diana Ponzo, a girl passionate about tennis and art, who without imagining it created Dp Customs with the aim of offering articles that tell stories, capturing your ideas, and help you express your personality.  

Photo: Karyna Sánchez

It all started 5 years ago when I was studying Industrial Design. Diana says that one of her subjects was Representation Techniques, a subject where she learned sketching and textile design techniques. It was in college when she painted some tennis shoes that were part of a school project. Her first custom pairs of sneakers were made for a mutual friend.  

She began to upload the photos to her personal Instagram, but not with the aim of selling something, but simply to show what she was doing, but friends, family and unknown people began to be interested.  

“First I uploaded the photos telling them that I had done it, but I didn’t upload it as selling it but rather as showing what I did with my hobby, but I began to have more requests and even people I already knew began to ask me and That’s where I said it was a good idea. I saw the opportunity and I took it.”  

What is your job? 

What Dp Customs does is customize sneakers, these are hand-painted with a special dye so your footwear can be washed normally, although be careful, you have to follow a series of recommendations. What kind of designs? What you imagine! It can be whatever you want, your favorite band, a movie, or series or you can simply send a list defining your tastes so that Dp Customs can be inspired and create a completely unique and original design for you.  

Among the most requested designs are Disney, Anime, Harry Potter, Singers, and pet designs, the latter are requested by people who want to have a memory of their best friends.  

The process  

She started her business in 2017 and did it alone, but currently, her company has 18 women who work capturing the impactful designs that you see in the stories of her social networks.  

“Right now we are 19 and soon we will be 20, it was the last year when we began to grow more, we already moved to a larger location. I feel happy, at the beginning it was me alone, I designed, painted, made the guides, sent and responded to the clients, but I grew up”.  

Dp Customs went from making local shipments to sending to all of Mexico and later to the United States, London and Switzerland. 

Diana Ponzo has collaborated with Nike, she made them a design inspired by Alice in Wonderland. She has painted sneakers for Kenia Os, Julión Álvarez, Cesar Doroteo de Pepe y Teo, Daniela Rodrice, Alan de la Banda MS, El Coyote, makeup artist and influencer Fernanda Soto, and Ana Nube.  

Do you want yours?  

You can follow them on their different social networks:  

Instagram: dpcustomsmx 

TikTok: @dpcustomsmx  



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