More North Americans expected in Mazatlan during the final stretch of the year


It is estimated that the arrival of Canadians and Americans in Mazatlán, via road, will be until January and February of next year.

MAZATLAN. – Foreign tourists who arrive in Sinaloa in caravans of mobile homes for the winter season will be arriving in Mazatlán until January or February since the climate that prevails in their places of origin is still appropriate for them, said José Ricardo Picos Quintero, head of services for the Ángeles Verdes corporation in Sinaloa.  

He indicated that the arrival of Canadians and Americans in our state has not yet occurred and it is estimated that the mobile homes will pass through Mazatlan between November and December, although they will go to Guadalajara. 

“The caravans of foreign visitors who arrive in Mazatlán, Teacapán, El Fuerte and other points in Sinaloa will arrive until the months of January and February. Although those who go to Guadalajara pass through here between November and December,” said Picos Quinteros. 

He stressed that last year the traffic of these visitors was very calm, and was not reflected as it was during 2020, but this year the caravans are expected to be like two years ago. 

The hotel is prepared

The president of the Tres Islas Hotel Association, José Ramón Manguart Sánchez, stressed that the bulk of the American and Canadian community arrive during November and January.  

“We will try to carry out a winter study to know the profile at the time and decisions can be made to bring international air tourism, since the road has been heavily loaded in recent years,” he said. 

Manguart Sánchez added that 98 percent of tourism is national and only 2 percent foreign, but there is an issue that is already being studied, which is connectivity since currently, the road issue is too busy.

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