Mazatlan Aquatic Police rescues two tourists from Zacatecas at sea


Lifeguards ask bathers to follow the instructions they are given when they are on the beach.

Mazatlán, Sin.- The report of a couple of people who were dragged by the sea current in the Cerritos beach area mobilized elements of the Aquatic Police this Friday afternoon.

Upon arrival at the scene, the municipal elements spoke with those affected to see if they had suffered any type of injury, but they only showed fatigue, so there was no need to call any medical body.

The bathers, 25 and 49 years old, are originally from Zacatecas, and respond to the names of Luis “N” and Armando ” N “, who are brothers and came to spend a vacation at the port.

The person in charge of the Mazatlan Aquatic Rescue Squad, Gustavo Espinoza, assured that the cases of people who need support to get out of the water have gone down in recent weekends.

“Fortunately, people have been taking care of themselves, they have not gone into the deep so often, only where we give them the indication, on each beach there are members of the squad making sure they abide by the guidelines, we do not want a misfortune to happen, “he said.

In addition to that, Espinoza asks people to follow all the recommendations they are given to avoid accidents.

“I recommend that the population come to enjoy the beaches, that they please be careful, no one is telling them not to come to the beaches, but we do ask them to be prudent and pay attention, because the person we see is not following the recommended instructions, we are going to have to remove it from the place,” he said.

More rescues

This Friday the Aquatic Squadron also helped two people from Guadalajara out of the sea who were dragged by sea currents in the beach area of ​​the Oceano Palace hotel .

Edith Montserrat “N”, 25, was tired, while Jorge Daniel “N”, 31, was extremely tired, so the emergency services were activated and he was transferred by Red Cross elements to a hospital for treatment. 


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