Mazatlan will bet on education in 2023… and other news from the port


The mayor of Mazatlán, Luis Guillermo Benitez Torres, gave his opinion on different issues that occurred in Mazatlán, one of them the 2023 Expenditure Budget.

MAZATLAN. – Within the framework of civic Monday at the “Insurgentes” primary school, the municipal president, Luis Guillermo Benítez Torres, pointed out that by 2023 his administration will allocate a larger budget in search of improving the port campuses. 

He stated that they will team up with the State Government, through the Sinaloa Institute of Educational Physical Infrastructure (ISIFE). 

“There are not enough resources to carry out the conditions of all the schools, especially since we lasted two years without classes with the pandemic, and that all the infrastructures had to deteriorate. But we are willing to put our grain of sand”, said Benítez Torres. 

The municipal president expressed that 30 million pesos were allocated last year to support Mazatlan schools and they are looking to increase it for fiscal year 2023.

They will close with a flourish in 2022

The mayor said that when a city is transformed and offers certainty to investors, Private Investment arrives, since during the first three years of his administration 42 billion pesos were achieved, being the largest in Sinaloa.

“Today, in the first year of the second administration, we will end with an investment of 20 billion pesos in Private Investment, regardless of the public investment made by the federal, state and municipal governments,” he said. 

He commented that if they continue to provide facilities to entrepreneurs, at the end of the triennium there will be 60 billion pesos in Private Investment.

Mazatlan mayor will go to the Mexican GP  

One of the unknowns that has been in Mazatlan in recent days was whether the mayor will go to the Formula 1 event, the Mexico City Grand Prix, and he assured that he will be present. 

However, he explained that he did not go to the Hispanic Week event in Spain, because he has to polish his First Government Report.

“We have several pending issues that I did not take into account, among others, the report of the Presidency, which has dates, there is a deadline and I cannot go beyond that, and we are behind in that work. I am going to Formula 1, ”he stressed.  

Garbage truck was speeding

The mayor commented on the event on Sunday, where a garbage truck crashed due to speeding and the drivers fled.

The report is that the truck “burst” a tire for going more than 100 kilometers per hour.

“The information I have is that there were two workers who fled, we already have the name, but we do not want to make it known until we find them and that the accident was not a mechanical failure, it was due to speeding, it was more than a hundred kilometers away,” he concluded. .