Sinaloa Food preparers must continue to wear face masks


Through a statement, the head of Coepriss, Randy Álvarez commented on the exceptions to said permit.

After the Ministry of Health in Sinaloa eliminated the mandatory use of face masks with indicated exceptions, the State Commission for the protection against sanitary risks of Sinaloa (Coepriss) reported that said rule must still be respected for people who handle food, as well as for the health centers.

In this way, the head of Coepriss, engineer Randy Ross Álvarez, made it known through a statement addressing business chambersrestaurants and the food industry in general.

Said determination is based on the official Mexican standard on hygiene practices for the processing of foodbeverages or food supplements.

“ It is important to point out that the indication on the voluntary use of face masks is not applicable in the case where there is direct contact with food, either preparation and/or handling of the same, this as established by the Mexican Official Standard 251-SSA- 2009,” he commented.

He also recalled that according to the Secretary of HealthCuitláhuac González, the exceptions should be for the personnel of hospitals, health centers and medical units and that the permanence of this is recommended for older adults with symptoms of respiratory diseases.

In addition to this, the head of Coepriss pointed out that verification or health surveillance actions will no longer be carried out for the use of face masks in public spaces.

“ This Commission, as of the aforementioned announcement, will no longer execute verification orders with the purpose and scope of surveillance of the use of face masks,” he concluded.

The Mazatlan Post