Mazatlan fishermen of Playa Norte take their precautions before hurricane “Orlene”


They raise their boats to the Malecón to prevent them from being damaged by wind or tidal waves.

Mazatlan, Sinaloa.- Given the uncertainty caused by the presence of category 1 hurricane ” Orlene ” in southern Sinaloa, fishermen from Playa Norte take their forecasts and protect their boats.

As of this Saturday morning, many pangas are already on the Malecón, on the North Beach, to prevent them from being hit by the winds or the swells, if the meteorological phenomenon enters the port strongly.

“We will only take care of our things, what can be taken home will be taken and what will not stay here, does not remain in us, everything that is possible and what is not will be protected, since it is what God want, but while we will do our best to store our work tools well, “said Humberto, a fisherman from the area.

This measure is taken every time a hurricane or storm forms in the Mexican Pacific and threatens to hit the port .

” We will take the boats and we will go up to the Malecón, it is the same thing that we do every year, it is the way to prevent ourselves, whenever this type of event happens, it is what we do, go up the boats and tie them well so that they do not go to fly”, commented Fernando, a fisherman with 24 years of experience.

They regretted not having municipal support for this type of emergency. 

They regretted not having municipal support for this type of emergency, since they stop working and therefore stop earning money.

“They have never approached us when it is hurricane season, and that can harm us, they never come to talk with us, to give us the groceries, nothing like that, only when they are campaigning, but at times like this they never come, whoever it is,” said Fernando.


The fishermen of Playa Norte do not have insurance for their boats, so if they suffer any damage, they have to repair them themselves with their own financial resources .


The Mazatlan Post