The winter season is looking good for Mazatlan


The two hotel associations in Mazatlán point out that with the arrival of flights from the United States and Canada, the tourist flow will increase, hoping that the figures achieved in 2019 will be exceeded.

MAZATLAN.- The winter season in Mazatlan is approaching and with it, the reception of international flights from Canada and areas of the United States, hoping that it looks good and the flow is equal to or better than the season in 2019, a year before the pandemic.

José Ramón Manguart Sánchez, president of the “Tres Islas” Hotel Association, mentioned that the season is looking good, even national tourism has not decreased, even when it is not a vacation, achieving occupancies between 70 and 75 percent.

“The reservations do not stop. We are at 70 percent on weekends and it is not seen that this is going to stop, on the contrary, it is going to resume with more force… There will be new flights, new routes that the Ministry of Tourism has announced, very favorable”, declared.

Manguart Sánchez pointed out that foreign tourism represents 2 percent of tourism in Mazatlan, therefore, work continues to increase this percentage and increase its influx.

For his part, José Gámez Valle, marketing director of the Association of Hotels and Tourist Companies of Mazatlan, said that flights from the United States and Canada are strong, hoping that they will be assimilated to the influx numbers that were generated in the same season but from 2019, before the pandemic.

Flights from Canada are good, with different levels of occupancy in what has already been opened, flights from the United States too, flights are missing but we are working on that part and being able to recover the flights we had in 2019, which we had in the fall winter, which has been the best year in 15 years,” he said.

The tourism promoter added that there are many possibilities for Mazatlan to recover those flow figures, even more, but that behind it, there must be a lot of work with the airlines, promotion and marketing campaigns in those countries, without neglecting the national.


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