Video: CAPTA Mazatlan, National Example of Tourism Support


190,000 foreign tourists have arrived in Mazatlan so far in 2022

The Tourist Attention and Protection Center (CAPTA), in Mazatlan, is a pioneer and national example of support for both national and foreign visitors, and this year more than 600 “incidents (complaints) have been dealt with, for different reasons. and that they have been resolved mostly to the satisfaction of tourists, says Astrid Macías Fregoso, director of this municipal agency, in the extensive interview.

Macías Fregoso affirms that CAPTA has a highly trained human team, especially in the handling of languages, in order to have good communication with foreign tourists; tools such as the digital application MZT Tourist, which has won two national awards, and has been taken up as an example in countries such as the United States of America and Canada. An application that has all the information regarding tourism.

The head of CAPTA acknowledges that Mayor Luis Guillermo Benítez Torres boasts that Mazatlán is one of the best tourist destinations in the country and in that CAPTA contributes with its grain of sand by keeping tourists informed of everything that Mazatlán is, from its more attractive places, even public safety and the attention and support that can be given to the visitor. There are satisfactory and verifiable results, says Astrid Macías without vainglory.

The official says that all these achievements will be reflected in the first report of the municipal government in a few more weeks. For now, she points out some relevant activities: Operative cycle tourism in the blue line that has to do with providing information and security to tourists in the city; Sweepstakes “Visit Mazatlán” that has to do with a prize to promote the tourist application MZTTourist; Diffusion Campaign of the MZTTourist APP; “Mazatlán Cares 2022”, among others.

Recognizes that the municipal government, through CAPTA and other actions, Mazatlan is among the best tourist destinations and at the end of this month we are talking about the fact that one million people have arrived by plane, 800 thousand are national tourists; In hotel occupancy, we are in sixth place nationally, with an increase of 10 percent compared to the previous year.

Giving other examples of the importance of CAPTA, Macías Fregoso said that foreigners have had a lot of support, especially in the pandemic to be able to be vaccinated, in addition to other aid such as the legalization of their vehicles,

breaches of contracts and reimbursements, migration, conflicts over timeshare rooms. He said that more “incidents” are dealt with foreigners than with national tourists.

Parallel to the CAPTA data, he indicated that Mazatlan offers a quality of life, and many people decide to live in this city. “We are a helping hand” to support tourists, the municipal official pointed out.


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