Again! Mazatlan beaches closed due to bad weather


The beaches of Mazatlan are also closed to smaller recreational and sports vessels.

MAZATLÁN.- The commander of the Aquatic Police Gustavo Espinoza, announced that due to the strong waves, winds and rain that are registered this Monday in Mazatlán, all the beaches were temporarily closed to bathers.

He explained that the measure was taken preventively to avoid risks among those who go to the different beach areas.

He indicated that the waves, in some parts, reach the walls of the buildings located next to the sea, for which the red flags that indicate danger were placed.

Gustavo Espinoza stressed that the aquatic rescue personnel are issuing the necessary recommendations to people who arrive at the beach and added that once the weather and sea conditions improve, the restrictions will be lifted.

Likewise, the Port Authority announced that the navigation of smaller recreational and sports vessels is also restricted.


The Mazatlan Post