Mazatlan Aquarium celebrates its 42nd anniversary for protection and conservation of nature


Through a series of conferences, Mazatlan Aquarium celebrated its 42nd anniversary today, celebrations that began on September 6 and end tomorrow, for which a series of events, conferences, and sports activities have been held in which the hard work of the recreational center in the preservation and care of wildlife.

Through a presentation to different educational institutions, the director of the para-municipal biologist, Pablo Gerardo Rojas, indicated that since its creation in 1980, the place has become one of the preferred spaces for school visits, thus causing a high demand and the opportunity to transmit knowledge to the school community, it was from there that the idea of ​​giving personalized attention was born in this space that has trained, informed and communicated the importance of caring for the environment.

Today, on its 42nd anniversary and during the current administration, it was possible to launch educational programs with social benefit, among which “Del Campo al mar” and “My inclusive aquarium” stand out.

Participation in the network of attention to turtles and stranded mammals was highlighted, where immediate attention is given when a mammal leaves the beaches of Mazatlan.

The biologist added that it is hard work that deserves to be exposed during the creation of the center where 486 seizures, 823 donations, 290 rescues, 391 releases have been made, and among those that stand out are mammals, reptiles, and birds, they indicated that it will continue to be this space responsible for disseminating the principles of protection and conservation of nature in the port in a place that offers family life.

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