Escuinapa already has its “umbrella passage”


The space was inaugurated in the middle of the festivities of the municipalization.

Escuinapa, Sinaloa.- With a gastronomic sample offered by educational institutions of the municipality, the ” passage of the umbrellas” was inaugurated in the municipality of Escuinapa.

Said space, which is located in the Ramón Corona square, was inaugurated as part of the celebration of the 107th anniversary of the municipalization of Escuinapa.

Gilberto Palomares Plascencia, in charge of special events in the municipality, explained that since the square is one of the spaces with the highest attendance by families, it was for this reason that they sought to give a better image with the parade of umbrellas.

“We are giving a special touch to the square (Ramón Corona), with these colors we give it a little more life and it is going to become a practically obligatory place for all those who come to visit Escuinapa.”

He explained that there will be around 400 umbrellas that will be installed in total in the space that was assigned.

“Remind citizens that these spaces are for them, that they help us take care so that this lasts and that they can enjoy what we have in the municipality.”

It should be noted that in the gastronomic sample in which the Technological University of EscuinapaCONALEP and ICATSIN participated, typical dishes from Escuinapa were offered.

The Mazatlan Post