More investments are made that will place Mazatlan as a world business center


The cargo airport will become a spearhead, in addition to the height port and the Mazatlán-Durango train project.

Mazatlan, Sinaloa. – Mazatlan will be able to cover the whole world in a short term, and open up to endless opportunities, once the construction of the cargo airport is completed, due to a group of businessmen who are betting on landing it within a period of two to three years, expressed Luis Guillermo Benítez Torres.

The mayor of Mazatlan said that other projects such as the high-altitude port, the rail link, and the aerospace park, are links that will help to finalize the Economic Corridor project and strengthen the USMCA, which is going to exchange with the United States and Canada. .

“A project that is already very firm in Mazatlan, I cannot make it known to the businessmen until we sign the agreements, but with this it is clear that the trade project comes and comes with everything, which is the TMEC project, to finally conclude, I don’t know when the Mazatlán-Durango railway, the new high altitude port, with the aerospace park and with this airport will be able to cover the whole world”, he pointed out.

The train project is firm, and that was stated by the president of Mexico, Andrés Manuel López Obrador, but he acknowledged that there are no resources, but there are facilities to make it a point of communication in this area of ​​Sinaloa with the neighboring state of Durango, said Benítez Torres, who does not know when it will be held.

The creation of a World Trade Center, which will be a vertical city, with all the benefits, which is managed as a project to land this point in a few more years.

The Mazatlan Post