What are pulpos camioneros? The Mafia who control urban transport in Sinaloa


Sinaloa‘s public transport has given service for a long time that could improve in almost all its factors.

Given this, it is said that the service submits to the pulpos camioneros, but what are the pulpos camioneros?

It is a term of yesteryear that is applied to the transport sector that is characterized by abuses and its monopoly.

The ‘ transport mafia ‘ corresponds to the network of urban transport concessionaires that are related to the declines that this system presents when they act, for example, outside the law in any of their concessions, thus directly or indirectly affecting the public.

Actions such as the increase in rates, absence of benefits for workers, scarce workforce, long hours, and work accidents are just some of the problems that this service presents that could be represented as each tentacle of this beast.

For a long time, it has been common knowledge that the bus driver is smoking, talking on the phone, charging wrongly, and even in some cases talking to the well-known “chickpea”.

There is also no lack of demonstrations for the increase in rates and better conditions to his credit.

The units that seem to be mobile clubs and the poor quality of the service and even the permits and benefits that are presented to its employees are part of a problem that seems to go beyond the law and the eyes of society itself. .

Nobody wants to be a driver

In Mazatlan there is a shortage of drivers, the working hours become longer because the service has to be given yes or yes, this means that few are interested in working in this job.

For two years, the crisis in urban transport due to the lack of drivers has intensified, an example is the Bus Alliance, whose president, Faustino Mejía Chávez, explains that the arrival of the pandemic and social confinement made the service unaffordable due to the lack of passengers, which led many operators to emigrate to other jobs.

” When the pandemic came, several operators emigrated, of which many have not returned, I believe that not even 20% have returned, ” he specified.

There were around 200 drivers who left the job, some returned gradually when the economic reopening of the port came. However, a large part of them moved to digital platforms as private transport drivers.

Source: elsoldemazatlan.com.mx

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