Sinaloa will have ‘Internet for all’


The program seeks that more than 6 million people, from at least 5 states in the country, have internet, especially in rural areas.

MAZATLAN.- Sinaloa will join four other states in the country that will have internet in rural areas, as presented by the Federal Electricity Commission with the program “CFE Internet: Telecommunications for all.”  

The president, Andrés Manuel López Obrador, led this presentation from the “José Aceves Pozos” Thermoelectric Power Plant in Mazatlán, where it was reported that around 2,800 communications antennas will be installed, benefiting approximately 6.4 million people.  

“The mandate we have is very clear, it is about bringing the internet to the most remote communities, just as their ancestors, the electrical workers, once did, when the president, Adolfo López Mateos, made the decision to nationalize the electricity industry. “, said.  

The representative of the project, Benjamín Ibarra Soto, mentioned that this program will be in Baja California, Baja California Sur, Sonora, and Sinaloa, with coverage of up to 6 kilometers around with 4.5 G technology.  

“Here in Sinaloa we will install 56 antennas to cover the area of ​​591 towns, from the municipality of Ahome to the municipality of Escuinapa, for the benefit of 91,000 people, thanks to the wide coverage that each antenna will have,” he declared.  

Aspects of President Andrés Manuel López Obrador’s tour, where he announced the Internet para todos program. Photos: Karyna Sanchez

How will it work?  

According to Ibarra Soto, everything will start from an energy controller, which will transmit information at the satellite level to the installed antennas called “receiver stations”, these, in turn, will translate the satellite signals to provide telephone and internet service to mobile devices and Wi-Fi hotspots.  

The construction process of the program will be divided into four stages, previous information gathering activities; civil work; electromechanical work and, finally, the launch of the service.  

-There will be 2,800 communications antennas in the northwest of the country  

-18 thousand 634 populations will enjoy the service, that is, 6.4 million people.   

-It will have coverage of up to 6 kilometers around with 4.5 G technology 

‘Internet for all’ by states 


-56 antennas  

-591 populations  

-91 thousand beneficiaries  

Baja California Sur 

-13 antennas  

-136 populations  

-47 thousand beneficiaries  

Baja California SUR

-5 antennas  

-88 populations  

-11 thousand beneficiaries  


-45 antennas  

-393 populations  

-148 thousand people benefited 


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