Mazatlan very close to having a World Trade Center; in September they would finalize the project


Mazatlán would position itself better, not only in the tourist aspect but also in the business issue and growth visions of the destination, this being one of the 109 cities where the tower would be located.

Mazatlan, Sinaloa.- After a series of meetings, everything seems to indicate that there will be accepted by the firm “Word Trade Center” to have a new tower in Mazatlán, if it materializes, in September managers would be arriving at the port to finalize the project.

Ricardo Velarde Cárdenas, Secretary of Economic Development, Tourism and Fisheries of Mazatlán, declared that the project would trigger the commercial issue and connect with the 109 firms that are established in the world.

Regarding the location of the tower, the Secretary considers the proposal to establish it in the area where the bullring is currently located on Av. Rafael Buelna is feasible, since it is a midpoint of Mazatlán that has good avenues.

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What would the Mazatlan WTC be like?

The World Trade Center would contain the same spaces as complexes such as those in CDMX and New York: a high-density mixed-use building and towers with more than 25 levels with residential turns, a business class hotel , a shopping plaza and corporate offices.

When would its construction begin and when would it be inaugurated?

If everything goes as planned by Grupo Arhe, the real estate company that would be in charge of the project, during
2022 and 2023 the first advances of its construction should begin, however, its design and construction in parts have been postulated, so its complete inauguration is estimated at approximately 6 years, that is, it would be enabled
approximately for the year 2029.

“We hope it will materialize because it would be a millionaire investment that would detonate the area, not just in tourism, but in business and especially for the new visions of the growth of the destination”, Ricardo Velarde.

The tower would have offices and even hospitals, it will be built in stages with phases where the first would involve around 6 years to develop the entire building project.

To conclude, Ricardo Velarde commented that the work they could do to finalize is about to conclude and that it is important to wait for the following meetings to finalize.

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