Heavy rains in Mazatlán leave neighborhoods flooded, families affected and vehicles stranded


Mazatlan, Sinaloa. The electrical storm this morning left us affected in the city with over 100 mm of rain, some rainwater channels overflowed causing flooding in avenues and different neighborhoods of the port confirms the Mayor.

Lluvia fue de 100 mm en la zona norte de Mazatlán

Civil Protection and Public Security received 27 reports of support in 20 neighborhoods, 60 people who were stranded in their vehicles were also rescued.

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The heavy rains recorded during the night of Friday and the early hours of this Saturday in Mazatlan, left numerous avenues and neighborhoods floodedaffecting families and stranded vehicles.

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In social networks Internet users published videos and images where they exposed the flooding in their neighborhoods such as Villa Verde and Jacarandas, because the Jabalíes stream overflowed; on De las Torres avenue in Valle Dorado; Golden Zone and El Toreo subdivision, where residents once again made the request to open the floodgates in El Cid.

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A user also pointed out that several vehicles were stranded on the exit of the Mazatlán Bypass, at the height of the Monte Verde subdivision, as the road was not very visible due to flooding.

Official report

At least 21 people were evacuated from their homes. 

Ingresa el Ejército a Mazatlán; no es por violencia, sino por los daños tras lluvias

Meanwhile, the official Civil Protection report indicates that the recorded rainfall was 100 mm in the northern area of ​​Mazatlan. Likewise, both this coordination and the Ministry of Public Security received 27 reports of support from affected families and drivers in 20 neighborhoods.

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Affected colonies

Among the most affected neighborhoods are Prado Bonito, Hogar del Pescador, Jesús Osuna, Francisco Alarcón, where at least 21 people were evacuated from their homes.

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For his part, the Secretary of Public Security, Commissioner Simón Malpica Hernández, said that a total of 60 people were rescued who were left in vehicles stranded in other settlements, where roads were flooded, as well as rainwater channels and streams that rose in level and they overflowed, where a motorcycle was dragged by the current; Among these neighborhoods are Jaripillo, Felicidad, Valles del Ejido, El Toreo, Marina Garden, Francisco Villa, La Riviera, Invasión Buenos Aires, Real del Valle, Pueblo Nuevo, Jabalíes, Zona Dorada, Cerritos Resort and Cerritos.

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Apparently, the vehicle was dragged by the water current after heavy rains this morning

The heavy rains this morning dragged a blue Kia Rio car that went to the bottom of the canal on Santa Rosa Avenue, almost reaching the Luis Donaldo Colosio bypass.

It was during the course of the morning that, when the water level dropped, the vehicle was found in the storm drain at the height of the Valle Dorado subdivision .

Public Security elements are already at the scene to coordinate the crane and carry out maneuvers to recover it.

So far no one has claimed the vehicle.

Rural zone

It should be noted that no reports of flooding or requests for help were received from the rural area.

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Military called in to support recovery efforts

This morning, through a statement, the Ministry of National Defense reported the application of the DN-III plan in Mazatlán, due to the weather conditions that have occurred in the municipality.

Uniformed from the commands of the III Military Region and 9/a. Military Zone are those who participated.

Military elements belonging to the 8/o. Infantry Battalion, in coordination with the Civil Protection personnel, continue to carry out tours in different neighborhoods, applying the DN-lll-E Plan in its Aid phase, in order to identify damages.

What is the DN-III plan?

It is an instrument of military action, which consists of the coordination of these elements to deal with any problem .

This is stipulated in article 1 of the Organic Law of the Mexican Army and Air Force and articles 21 and 73 of the General Civil Protection Law.

They toured and assisted the population affected by the rains. 

On this occasion, the plan is executed due to the damage caused by heavy rains in Mazatlan.

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