Gastronomic Neighborhood project seeks to increase the flow of visitors to the Historic Center of Mazatlan


The Gastronomic Neighborhood project tries to create links and make routes so that tourists can arrive and visit the different restaurants in that area.

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Mazatlán, Sinaloa.-With a great variety of restaurants that offer a wide range of dishes from national and international cuisine, Mazatlán seek to increase the number of visitors and increase consumption in the Historic Center.

This is through the Gastronomic Neighborhood project, the original idea of ​​the restaurateur Marco Bernal, coordinated and supported by the Historic Center Project, with which it is intended to benefit around 60 restaurants in the area.

The manager of the Historical Center Project, Manrry Fuentevilla, stated that the Gastronomic District seeks to expand the promotion to attract a greater flow of visitors to the Historical Center, whose restaurants offer a wide range of cuisine dishes for all tastes.

“Tourists come to Mazatlan, but not everyone knows the Historic Center, where there are about 60 restaurants and many are unknown,” he said.

He explained that the idea is that each restaurant in that area has its distinctive Gastronomic District, in order to promote them all under this brand.

“The intention is to publicize the offer of the Gastronomic District in all the places where both institutions promote it and include the badge on maps and wherever it is necessary,” he said.

To publicize the next launch of this program, he met with the Secretary of Tourism of Sinaloa, Rosario Torres Noriega and with Ricardo Velarde Cárdenas, Secretary of Economic Development, Tourism and Fisheries of Mazatlán.

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The project tries to create links and make gastronomic routes so that visitors can arrive and visit the different restaurants in the Historic Center.

“We are planning that each restaurant offers a special dish during the tours that would allow us to publicize the gastronomic offer, stimulate consumption, and spread the architectural beauty of the area,” he added.

The strategy to stimulate the influx of visitors and increase consumption in the restaurants of the Historic Center will be complemented with cultural events and activations in a joint action with the Mazatlan Institute of Culture.


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