Visit the Isla de Pajaros waterfall in Mazatlan!


In front of the boardwalk of Mazatlán its famous three islands can be glimpsed: the one with goats, the one with deer, and the one with birds.

The name of the latter reflects its greatest characteristic: being the sanctuary for around four hundred species of birds; 35 endemic and 20 migratory. Among them, the white-winged pijije, the red-billed rabijunco, the brown booby, the brown heron, and many more stand out.

Isla de Pajaros is a nature reserve and therefore less visited, but no less beautiful. In reality, restricted access allows its beauty to remain intact.

Getting there is quite an adventure! You can do it through a kayak or boat excursion, and snorkel in its surroundings. Of course, remember to do it responsibly.

Here bird watching is unmissable, as is spending a pleasant time on its paradisiacal beach.

The waterfall that forms next to it in summer is also worthy of admiration. In short, an attraction that you cannot miss during your stay in the port.

Discover this natural paradise! And enjoy an unforgettable experience on your next visit to Mazatlan.


The Mazatlan Post