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John Wayne took the opportunity to visit Mazatlan when he was filming at the Western studios in Durango.

MAZATLAN. – Did you know? John Wayne, the American actor, was a faithful tourist of the port, not only did he visit him when he had a call to record a movie at the western studios in Durango, but Mazatlán was one of his favorite destinations to vacation and relax.

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But if we talk about favorite places, the Hotel Belmar was number one on his list, as this was considered the “hotel of the stars”, for being the first hotel on the beach in all of Mazatlan.

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In 1920, the Belmar was considered the most luxurious hotel and Hollywood stars made it even more so.

In fact, it is said that Wayne spent so much time at the Belmar that his favorite room was number 48, which was kept for his personal use.

And according to the hotel’s historical records, the room was purchased by an American who was a number one fan of the actor and of western movies.

But what was John Wayne doing in Mazatlan?

It is said that after checking into his room he left on his yacht called the Wild Goose and fished or took casual walks along the Malecon; proof of this is a real image of the actor that dates back to 1974, five years before Wayne’s death.

In the photograph you can clearly see the Hotel Belmar in the background; The actor wears a blue polo shirt and a hat, something characteristic of him.

At his side, his wife, the actress Pilar Pallete, appears posing, she appears smiling with the characteristic retro glasses that were used in the 70s. In her hands, it can be seen how she hugs some bags from what appears to be a pantry, a theory that proves that John Wayne loves being in Mazatlan, he felt at home.

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Other stars who also visited Mazatlan

Movie superstars like Gregory Peck, Tyrone Power, and Johnson Barrymore stayed at the Hotel Belmar.

The port has also been a destination for former US presidents and an inspiration for poets and writers.

Believe it or not, at the time Mazatlan was the favorite tourist destination of celebrities and Hollywood stars. In the mid-1950s, our port offered a lot of exclusivity, and this attracted these celebrities to vacation. But it has also been the destination of former US presidents, poets, and writers. Do you want to know who we are talking about?  

Next, we leave you a list of actors who once or several times visited Mazatlan. 

Walt Disney 

The famous cartoonist, filmmaker, and creator of Mickey Mouse visited Mazatlan in 1943, although it was not because he planned it. In reality, he was going to Mexico City to discuss some movie business. However, that year a cyclone occurred in the port that forced Disney to have an emergency landing and stay at the Hotel Belmar for three days.  

John Barrymore 

Does the last name ring a bell? John is the grandfather of the popular Hollywood actress, Drew Barrymore. He was a stage and film actor. He became famous as a Shakespearean actor, was applauded for his portrayal of Hamlet, and was recognized as the greatest actor of his generation, working in a wide variety of roles on stage and in film.  

Like Wayne, he visited Mazatlan to rest while his movies were being shot.  

Rita Hayworth 

She was one of the most emblematic and glamorous actresses of the golden age of the American and the greatest Hollywood diva of the 1940s. It is said that she came on vacation to our paradisiacal port to enjoy the sun and the sea. She stayed at the Hotel Belmar.  

Rock Hudson 

He was an American classic film actor and famous for his leading man roles. He participated in films such as: Fighter Squadron, The Desert Falcon, Dull Angels and Captain Panama.  

Ronald Reagan 

He is the only acting foreign president to have visited the port. On his farewell tour, he chose Mazatlan to say goodbye to Mexico as president of the United States. Here he met with the current president of Mexico, Miguel de la Madrid, to discuss the textile market, agreements on telecommunications and civil aviation.  

Pablo Neruda 

The Chilean Nobel Prize winner for literature, one of the great poets of the 20th century, visited Mazatlán for his work “Puerto de América” in which he expressed: “Starry Mazatlán, port at night, I hear the waves that hit your poverty and your constellations, the beat of your passionate choirs, your sleepwalking heart that sings under the red nets of the moon”.  


Peter Facinelli 

You may not know him by his real name, but does Dr. Carlisle Cullen from the Twilight saga ring a bell? That’s right, believe it or not, one of the Cullens left behind the cold climate of Forks and visited Mazatlán, but he did not do it alone, but he came very well accompanied by the also actress Lily Anne Harrison. The couple chose our beautiful port to get engaged at the end of 2019.  

They fell so in love with Mazatlán that they even visited the famous seafood restaurant “El Cuchupetas”, located in the Villa Unión syndicate. What luck those who did get photos with one of the favorite vampires.  

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