Do you know where to eat delicious and cheap in Mazatlan?


The gastronomic area of ​​the Pino Suárez market offers a variety of dishes at an affordable price.

Although Mazatlán has a very wide range of restaurants located in the Golden Zone, the MalecónOlas Altas, the Marina and the Historic Center, where tourists can taste all kinds of dishes, there is a gastronomic area that is traditional in the port and distinguished by quality and low price.

This is the gastronomic area of ​​the Pino Suárez market, where you can find everything from chicken broth, beef, gorditas, golden tacos, to breaded chicken, roast beef and seafood, at a very good price, from 60 pesos, depending on the dish.

There are around 11 restaurants that currently operate on the top floor of the market, which are crowded throughout the day during these summer vacations by both locals and tourists.

” Look, I work near here and I’ve been visiting this place for a long time, I come here and eat a plate of eggs to taste with beans and tortillas or in the afternoon a chick to the square, for 60 pesos, I don’t know places where they sell so cheaply and the food is good; when I’ve gone to eat elsewhere, the price is twice as high as here,” commented Martín, a worker from the area near the market.

“Here you find seafoodsnacks, homemade food, it’s good because the prices are also accessible and the food is of quality, I personally like it, whether it’s lunch or breakfast here in the market.”

Both tourists and locals usually eat here. 


According to some restaurant workers in the Pino Suárez market, during the holiday season, people from outside usually consume more than the locals , since when they come and visit the market they take the opportunity to eat something.

José, a tourist from Guanajuato, assured that every time he comes to Mazatlan, he always has breakfast or eats there, along with his whole family.

“ The food is very tasty, there is a lot of variety and above all that it is cheap, for us, many of us in the family who come on vacation, it helps that the dish is cheap. It is a tradition every time we come to Mazatlan to come to this site ”, he commented.


The Mazatlan Post