The port of Mazatlan works at its maximum capacity, do you know what it means?


The president of Codesin southern zone, Alfredo Ruelas Solís, reported that he maintains a work agenda that is aimed at obtaining more federal resources for the expansion of the API zone.

MAZATLÁN.- The port activity in Mazatlán is better than ever, at least that is what the president of the Council for the Economic Development of Sinaloa in the southern zone reported, Alfredo Ruelas Solís, informing that it is at 100 percent of its capacity.

He mentioned that although it is at 100 percent, this does not mean that it is saturated, due to the constant movement of entry and exit, achieving the transportation of the load that is kept there.

“Right now, if we are not over capacity, we will be very close, we cannot stay like this. We have it on the agenda, the port has to grow, we have to have a study of logistics capabilities and also, in one way or another, look for the federal government to invest more resources than it is doing”, he declared.

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The expansion of the port is one of the most requested topics by the private initiative since previous six-year terms, even the Integral Port Administration has launched the bidding contest more than twice, however, due to resources, it has not been possible to continue with this.

The current remodeling that is being carried out, is, according to the same API, about the expansion and remodeling of the cruise zone, which will have its own terminal so as not to combine tourism with the heavy cargo that constantly arrives.

The project contemplates the anchorage of up to six ships, a boarding plaza and other attractions.

Ruelas Solís pointed out that it is not only necessary to grow the tourist part but also the cargo part, above all, in the capacities of the port due to the growth in connectivity that is being generated.

“The issue is to build infrastructure. What we want is for the port to remain friendly to the city, we don’t want it to be a nuisance to citizens, we have to look for concrete options”, he said.

Currently, the port of Mazatlan has a capacity of approximately 12 million tons of cargo; It is the western port pole of the North Interoceanic Economic Corridor, maintaining a land connection with the ports of Matamoros, Altamira and Tampico, on the coast of the Gulf of Mexico.

In addition, it has connectivity with the East of the United States, through the Mazatlán-Durango highway, one of the most daring highway projects in Mexico.

Among the cargo it receives are wood of South American origin; Asian and Middle Eastern fertilizers; chickpea, which is exported to Africa and Europe; fishmeal is exported to Asia; Asian foil rolls; and mango puree is exported to Asia.


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