Meet Stelarhe Mexico’s new architectural jewel in Mazatlan


Do you want to know what your life could be like in the building that will be the architectural icon of Mazatlan? Come to the Showroom.

MAZATLAN. – Can you imagine living in front of the sea, in a tower that will become the architectural icon of Mazatlan? Don’t imagine it anymore, experience it! 

Stelarhe, el complejo de lujo más alto de Mazatlán, abre showroom

Stelarhe is the only real estate project in the city that has a space dedicated exclusively to the exhibition and that shows an exact replica of one of his residences: a showroom. 

This space aims to give you a realistic vision of what your home could be in the future. Why? Many times in pre-sale, it is difficult for us to imagine what the apartments will be like once they are finished and the only thing we can see are images or renders.  

With this showroom, many doubts about it are resolved by showing something that is already physical, something tangible, that can be traversed, opened, closed, touched, and most importantly, live the experience! 

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Stelarhe offers more than 20 residence models with ocean views, which will allow you to choose the place that best suits your lifestyle.  

This development, located on the Malecón de Mazatlán, will mark a before and after, an experience that will help position Mazatlán as the tourist jewel of the Pacific and is projected to be completed in 2025. 

Having projects like Stelarhe in Mazatlán attracts new residents, and families who did not turn to see Mazatlán as an important destination.  

Stelarhe is being built with an investment of 86 million dollars; It has an innovative design that consists of two linked towers of luxury residences, each with 30 floors, among which there are three amenity areas that link them, 194 residences, 4 Junior penthouses, and 4 master penthouses.  

It will be the tallest building in Mazatlán with 30 levels, 135 meters high, 3 panoramic pools, and one of them more than 110 meters high, which from a distance evokes the sails of a ship, in fact, it is directly compared with projects seen in sophisticated destinations like Dubai.    

 Among other amenities it has, its residences will have from one to four bedrooms, there will be three recreation areas and will include six commercial premises.  

There will be an infinity pool overlooking the boardwalk; paddle tennis court; batting cage, jacuzzi; lounge room, water park, main lobby; coworking area, car wash station; Balinese beds area; Deli coffee; cinema; Gym; spa, sauna; commercial area and even electric car charger. 


Are you interested? You can ask for more information on WhatsApp 6691403001, at number 669 416 0115 or you can contact them through their website.

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