Going to Culiacan? These are the 10 restaurants with the Gold Distinction recognition  


This badge is given to restaurants that comply with food management and hygiene in their spaces, taking care of their product and also the health of the diner.

If you plan to take a tour of Culiacán, the State Commission for the Protection against Sanitary Risks of Sinaloa has just awarded the Gold Distinction to 10 restaurants that complied with the handling of food and the hygiene of their spaces.  

The Secretary of Health, Cuitláhuac González Galindo, mentioned that a fundamental part of the distinctions is the interest of the owners of these restaurants to offer quality services to diners and workers that also contribute to their protection in terms of health. 

“Here I am seeing part of what they are evaluated on and there are many things, this is strict, however, we want all restaurants and that in the future they can also be hotels that are registering for this type of badge and that they also give more value to the commercial chain that Sinaloa has”, he declared.  

The 10 restaurants that were recognized with the Gold Distinction are: 

Porfirio’s Culiacán, Mar & Sea. Located in Plaza Ventura, boulevard Alfonso Zaragoza Maytorena number 1364, in Tres Ríos Urban Development.  

Mochomos Culiacan. Boulevard Enrique Sánchez Alonso and Calzada de las Américas Norte, number 2372, in Tres Ríos Urban Development.  

Rosa Matcha. Boulevard Enrique Sánchez Alonso, number 1635, in Tres Ríos Urban Development.  

Sushi Factory Malecón branch, Sushi Factory Cinepolis branch, and Sushi Factory Tres Ríos branch.  

La Casa de los Loaiza. Located on Miguel Hidalgo street, number 460, Primer Cuadro, in the Centro neighborhood.  

Murmullos MB. Located on Boulevard Alfonso Zaragoza Maytorena, number 1364, in Tres Ríos Urban Development.  

Casa María. Located on General Ramón Corona Avenue, in the First Square, Centro neighborhood.  

This Distinction, González Galindo pointed out, is part of a recognition of the work they carry out in their facilities in order to provide a protection service in the hygienic handling of food and correct cleaning of spaces. 

“Therefore we can also shine in that sense, both in the state, and at the national and international level, which in some way we already do,” he said. 

For his part, the head of Coepriss, Luis Alonso García Corrales, assured that these are the first 10 recognitions that are delivered in the entity, ensuring that more are delivered with the support of the chambers and productive sectors in the entity. 

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