Ice Hockey Is Coming To Mexico

Photo: Courtesy Mexico Ice Hockey

When it comes to ice hockey, you will naturally think of countries such as Canada and the United States. It’s where the NHL takes place, after all, so it makes sense. However, did you know that the sport is now making waves in another country in that part of the world? That country is Mexico.

One thing is for sure, ice hockey is a popular sport, and it’s very much on the rise. Evidence of this is revealed by the sheer number of NHL match betting markets available for everyone to choose from. So, you could suggest it was only a matter of time before countries such as Mexico got in on the act. But, because the sport is new to the nation, everything is beginning from scratch and being built from the ground up.

Currently, around 2,700 people in Mexico enjoy their ice hockey, with over half of those classed as juniors. So, you can see that there’s still a long way to go for the sport. But, the fact that there is the Mexico Ice Hockey Federation and a national team are good signs. And, it’s even better to learn that it’s members of the national ice hockey team who are coaching the youngsters who want to get into the sport.

What is going to be integral is the growth of the sport and how things can be scaled quickly, as this will ultimately lead to a more fruitful future. One of the ways that this can happen is for NHL teams to get involved. And, believe it or not, several have been taking a look, as it’s a chance to reach a new fanbase. In the future, if NHL games take place in Mexico, it will really elevate the sports, increasing participation and interest levels tenfold.

Cost is currently a big issue in terms of ice hockey participation in Mexico. For many families, it’s not affordable to spend hundreds of dollars a time on equipment, kit, registration fees, etc. But, if the sport grew faster, costs would likely come down, as funding would be on hand.

Currently, the country has a total of eighteen ice rinks where hockey takes place, four of which are in Mexico City. However, as popularity increases, the number of rinks will because the Mexico Ice Hockey Federation will be able to highlight hockey as a form of national sport. So, everything will hinge on the spotlight being more focused on hockey.

And as mentioned above, this is where some form of NHL involvement can pay dividends and give the sport the shove it needs. Even after one NHL game takes place in Mexico, the benefits will be plentiful. And it will get the ball rolling for thousands more Mexicans to take the sport on as a pastime, at least. You never know; in a few years, we could be talking about Mexico in the same breath as the likes of Canada on the ice hockey front.

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