They are very popular! Mazatlan entrepreneur pays for medical school with his popular “Doc Burritos”


Ángel Santoyo Buelna is a young entrepreneur who started his business out of economic necessity while he is in the ninth semester of Medicine

Mazatlan Sinaloa. – There is no doubt that in Mazatlan you can find the best of Mexican gastronomy, not only from Sinaloa, since for breakfast in every corner you could enjoy from a plate of Jalisco-style birria, some Tijuana-style weathered tacos or some Michoacan carnitas tacos, but also something that could be considered as “simple”, like the traditional burritos of Chihuahua.

Do you already know him?  The "Doc Burritos" is making Mazatlan fall in love with his stews (Credits: Juan Luis Vargas)

And this is what has gained great popularity in recent days thanks to a medical student named Ángel Santoyo, who saw the need to undertake in order to pay for the expenses involved in completing his degree, which he is currently in his fifth year of medical school and seeks to be a Family Physician.

“I needed money to eat, to transport myself, Doc Burritos was born as a necessity, I like a specialty called Family Medicine, which is an undervalued specialty since these doctors see all kinds of patients and also get involved in social things So that’s something that interests me a lot.”

“The burritos are not born perfect, as in everything, the kitchen is not born perfect either, it was practical.”

Do you already know him?  The "Doc Burritos" is making Mazatlan fall in love with his stews (Credits: Juan Luis Vargas)

Being able to help people through his knowledge to relieve some discomfort, but also doing altruistic work, is one of the main sources of inspiration for the 21-year-old young man from Mazatlan, who today has gained great popularity thanks to the sale of burritos of stews that are finished in less than two hours, that’s how strong the demand is.

hen starting a business there are always important sacrifices, since large amounts of food have to be made, so they wake up between 03:00 and 04:00 in the morning, depending on the amount that will be offered for sale. 

His family gives him support, for example, his sister helps him prepare the water, his mother, at the time, helped him with some stews, but when she worked she also; he has to get ready to make each of the stews. 

A table with a tablecloth and three coolers of different sizes, an umbrella to protect him from the sun, and an advertisement on the street are part of his small business, which he hopes will grow over time.  

The days that Ángel works with his products are Monday, Wednesday, and Friday, in which he places his “changarrito” at 7:30, until he finishes the last package. Doctors, public transport workers, delivery men, and urban cleaning of Mazatlan come to the site to acquire the product, which for them is a quick, good, and cheap breakfast. 

However, this is not an overnight success, since it has taken Ángel Santoyo nearly four years to achieve the seasoning and flavor of each of the stews, which range from machaca to Mexican or with potatoes, meat ground with potato, chicken in green, chipotle or Mexican sauce, piglet pibil and pork or natural beans; that at first, his mom helped, but after a month, she let him make the burritos.

By motorcycle, on foot, or by car, customers arrive one by one looking to repeat or try for the first time the already popular burritos of the doctor in training, which include 4 burritos of flour tortillas with stew and half a liter of jamaica water for a cost of 60 pesos.

But to make the craving bigger, the “Doc Burritos” does not sell daily, but on Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays from 7:30 in the morning, when he sets up a table with coolers loaded with burritos and water, under an umbrella and a small sign and you can find it on the corner of Sonora Street and Juan Pablo II Avenue in the Veinte de Noviembre neighborhood, right in front of José Vasconcelos High School and General Secondary School #2 “Leyes de Reforma”.

With this undertaking, Ángel, in addition to getting closer to his goal of being a great doctor, seeks to revolutionize a bit the issue of the gastronomic value that burritos have in Mexico since although it is considered a practical or fast food, the preparation can take your time, so that you can have one of the best burritos that the Línea Directa team has ever tasted for breakfast, making it clear that this is unpaid advertising.

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The “Doc Burritos” said that he is currently in the “Emprendamos Maz, business incubator” program, which was launched by the Ministry of Economic Development, Tourism and Fisheries, headed by Ricardo Velarde Cárdenas, which has had good results. soon.

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