Iván Mayorquín, the Mazatlan illustrator who revived Pictoline


Pictoline, the successful Mexican website that tells the news with illustrations

Along with the illustrators, there is a group of journalists and web animators with whom the Pictoline team adds more than a dozen people who work in a similar way to that of a newspaper.

In addition to illustrating for Pictoline, Iván has a podcast that talks about his experience, gives workshops, and has his comic.

At Punto MX we love to talk and brag about Mazatlan talent, as well as Iván Mayorquínillustrator of one of the digital projects that came to change the way of informing not only in Mexico, but in Latin America, we are talking about Pictoline.  

Let’s start by telling that Iván is 37 years old, was born, lived, and studied in Mazatlan, being the Independencia neighborhood the one that saw him grow and develop as a Graphic Designer of Itesus, starting there with a career that would take him to where he is.  

“We started with a collective among several, one made murals, another tattooed, I illustrated and it was the project that made me want more, seek more… from the collective I started to do more things and they invited us to a congress with a scholarship in Saltillo , my life in Mexico City was not a blow”, he said.  

He moved to Saltillo Coahuila to study at a school, where he learned to enhance his talent more, to let his strokes go beyond and from his mind, capture them digitally or on paper, just as he had imagined them.  

Thanks to this, a marketing agency sought him out and he became its Art Director, Iván Mayorquín points out that little by little his talent took shape, and he gained more experience as an illustrator, because, although he had been a graphic designer for many years, time It gave him the experience of a talent that he was born with.  

From Mazatlan to Pictoline  

Although he has been in Mexico City for 10 years and already had a career of having worked for Netflix or Absolut, it was in a meeting he had with a friend at Comic-Con that his life turned around and he changed to Pictoline, forming part of the founding team. .  

“I think it is important as an illustrator to generate projects with a purpose, it is important to have a purpose in what you do and if you can share it with more people it makes it great in some way. Something that gives us great pleasure was having generated a slope in illustration ”, he said.  

Pictoline, la actualidad en colores popshowbizBeta - Noticias del mundo del  espectáculo

He is currently still at Pictoline, and a couple of years ago he started with a project called the Drawing Self-Help Group together with another illustrator, Raúl Pardo, which began as a workshop for like-minded people who love drawing and who now has a podcast.  

It talks precisely about everything related to illustration, about believing in what you do, making it known, and learning from each process while you draw, so those who cannot go to their workshops listen to them and become a space of artistic disclosure.

Source: punto.mx

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