Video: Heavy rain this Saturday turns the streets of El Fuerte into rivers


The forecast for this area of ​​Sinaloa was fulfilled, so they continue to recover from the drought in which they found themselves.

As if they were rivers, this is what the streets of El Fuerte looked like after registering heavy rainfall this Saturday afternoon, in this way it continues to receive good uptake in the water tables and recovery of water levels in the wells of this area of Sinaloa.

In a video and a series of photographs that were shared with Línea Directa, it can be seen how streams formed in some of the avenues of this so-called Magical Town.

It should be noted that just a few weeks ago this municipality, like others, was going through a severe drought situation, so the rains that have occurred in the region in recent days have been a blessing according to its inhabitants. .

With the rains presented this day in the El Fuerte area, the forecast indicated by the different meteorological systems is fulfilled, since rainfall of up to 16 mm and a probability of rain of up to 90 percent was announced.


The Mazatlan Post