Southern Sinaloa dengue cases remain stable


Escuinapa, Sinaloa.- The number of dengue cases in southern Sinaloa remained at six at the end of June, as reported by Jesús Cuauhtémoc Yzabal González, head of health jurisdiction number six.

The jurisdictional chief stated that during this month, the cases remained the same in the municipalities that comprise the jurisdiction, which are Escuinapa with seven cases and Rosario with two.

“We have had suspicious cases, there have been several but fortunately they have all been negative, the figure remains the same, which are seven in Escuinapa and two in Rosario.”

Yzabal González stressed that high temperatures are favorable for the mosquito that transmits dengue, which is why constant campaigns have been maintained to combat it.

“During the period of heat and rain, we must remember that the mosquito that transmits dengue is born in containers that we have in our houses, containers with clean water or rainwater, and what happens, with the heat the egg can hatch faster, between five or seven days, the more propitious the heat situation, the faster the egg breaks and transforms into a mosquito”.

Slaying is one of the actions they perform. 

For this reason, the actions of abatement, review of houses for trash and fogging have been kept constant in the areas where we detect that there is a suspicious case, whether positive or not.

To conclude, he stressed that it is important that citizens put emphasis and help in the work, since “finally we are all exposed to infecting ourselves” he concluded.


The Mazatlan Post